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it’s the scottish independence referendum tomorrow

or as i like to call it

the great british break off

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inc’est la vie

Firstly the shot is used to start [Ozymandias] in the flashback when Skyler is packing away the clown she sold.

The shot itself holds so much meaning because of the phone placed right next to the knives. It shows how much different Skyler is and how strong she’s become. Instead of calling for help (reaching for the phone) she reaches for a knife to defend herself and her family from the monster Walt has become.

Interestingly enough, the knife she grabs is the same knife Walt puts away in Season 2, Episode 1 “Seven Thirty-Seven”. [x]



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Kittens only

Final Destination

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obama means family

no it doesnt

obama means nobody gets left behind


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me at the family event: well actually gender is just a social construct and only exists as a lubricant for the Capitalist Machine

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Helsinki-born photographer Osma Harvilahti is absolutely killing it with his studies in colour, composition and visual abstraction. His images are aestheticised so far to the point that reality takes on an almost sculptural feel.

Osma’s photographs seem familiar, almost as though we have already seen or have taken mental screen shots of these images of every day life - clutter in a lounge room, clothes on a washing line, a plate of fruit. It’s this perfect balance between aesthetic and reality that he has found an almost comforting place for the viewer. 

Enjoy more of Osma’s work on his Tumblr and Instagram.

Canvas  by  andbamnan